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About us

Any building needs building materials both indoor decoration material and outdoor wall tiles. We are a leading supplier of construction materials for production of mosaic tiles for use in resident structure and heavy civil construction. Mosaic tiles are more than construction materials. They can express various forms of art, such as archaistic, active, vivid sense perception or cool, mild and fragrant, romantic sensation. In this respect, mosaic tiles are more multifunctional than polished tiles or archaized tiles.

Mosaic tiles play pioneering role in reducing the material cost. If we manufacture two kinds of tiles, mosaic tiles can save 40% to 50% raw materials than ceramic tiles. Based on the potential of mosaic tiles market, we carefully do every process, from designing drawing, choosing materials to manufacturing tiles. We are offering several types mosaic tiles; if we distinguish them from materials of used in the tiles, we have natural materials and synthetic materials such as stone mosaic tiles, marble mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, crystal mosaic tiles, quarts stone tiles, engineered stone and assorted glass tiles. If we separate all tiles from colors, we offer many colors. The assorted mosaic tiles are our big art. Welcome you to order, we accept OEM, and order made to follow your designing to make your own mosaic tile for you only.

We have been construction materials business since 1995 and manufactured mosaic tiles from 1998. Over 10 years dealing with building materials, and experience taught us what building materials the structures need. And what tile can meet the people in different countries they need. Therefore our mosaic tiles have been exported Singapore, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Russia, the United Kingdom, Portugal United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia etc. We have obtained GSG certificate for our products.

Our company is one hour driving away from Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It is very convenient for international shipping and also helps save China domestic transportation cost. We have powerful mosaic tile manufacturing power, we can produce annually large amount of glass mosaic, stone mosaic, quartz mosaic and crystallized glass mosaic. Welcome you to contact us, Thanks.