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Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is based on natural marble powder as main materials mixed with mosaic, shell, or glass to embellish used resin for cementing agent, processing as vacuum mixing, and high voltage vibrating, solid forming, cutting and polishing.

The engineered stone has a numerous features that the natural marble stones do not have. Uniformity color make engineered stone can be used for large-scale construction project, big area decoration. Engineered stone we offer has the same hardness as natural marble, some of them are harder.
Shell Engineered Stone
Shell engineered stone is made of marble powder, shell and resin. This kind of engineered stone is ideal used for mosaic tile in flooring and wall panels.
Fashion Engineered Stone
Fashion engineered stone is made of marble powder and resin. It is widely used as mosaic tile in interior flooring and wall panels.

Our engineered stone has the resistance to scratch and abrasion and easy to clean. Please try our shell marble panels and other kinds of mosaic tile and granite panels. We also offer mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, crystal mosaics, mosaic wall tile.

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