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Mosaic Wall Tile

Mosaic Wall Tile

Our mosaic wall tiles include glass tile and marble tile. As a China mosaic tiles manufacturer, we provide different colors and types of our products. Mosaic wall tile is a low energy cost construction material. It’s specially designed for wall decoration and parquet art. Welcome you to order, we accept OEM, and order made to follow your designing to make your own mosaic tile for you only.

Category: single color crystal mosaic tile, mixed color crystal mosaic tile
Main Materials: Ultra clear float glass, glass colorant, marble
Usage: This crystal mosaic tile is widely used in interior and exterior decorations and wall ornament. It is perfect for swimming pool, bathroom and even kitchen. Glass tile is anti fade, shining, and can have precise sizes, the glass mosaic tiles usually use in kitchen, bathroom, and shower or swimming pools. We offer single color and blended color glass mosaic tiles, some sample have been shown in this page, what pure color mosaic title you need if you do not find out from the listed. We welcome you to contact us!

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